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Lighting is awesome but Audio is King

I have always been in love with lighting. In fact, that was my "gateway drug" into live production. There is just something that mesmerizes me about all the different hues of color and all the flashing and movement that comes with live event lighting. Lighting is still where my heart is day in and day out. But I also know that lighting is nothing without a band or a speaker. The band or speaker is nothing without a stellar audio engineer and great audio equipment. Audio is the foundation of every live event. It is how we, as humans, communicate. It would be pretty awkward to walk into a conference, take your seat, and have a person walking around on a stage and not being able to hear them. T

A deal worth talking about....

I think all that July heat went to our heads! For the month of August we are offering a stellar deal on all photo booth packages. $100 off all packages when booked in August. Just think what you could do with an extra $100...that's a new pair of shoes, a date night, or you could be awesome and donate it to one of the many local charities and non-profits in Lincoln. We love you so much that you don't even have to use our photo booth in August--you just have to book it. Don't delay as you know August only has 31 days and I would hate to see you miss out on this awesome deal!

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