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What's With The Name?

Over the past week I have had multiple people come up to me and ask how we came up with our company name, Stratum Productions? It actually went more like 'what the heck does that even mean!?' My response was the typical well let me tell you. This is something that have been meaning to post to the blog in awhile but I have never take the time to really sit down and get it out (shame on me....). To make things clear Stratum was not my first choice at all. I loved the idea of naming the company Elevated Production and for good reasons. The first of those reasons was it started with E and ended with N in memory of our son, Evan, who died. It is in his memory and through what he showed me in his

Easter 2018 rundown

Whew what a weekend! After 30+ hours of work we made some amazing things happen. As always it was an incredible experience helping out our amazing client Mercy City Church communicate their message clearly to over 1,000 people. I should also mention that we loved working with their amazing production team for Easter 2018. This year we provided audio (everything except the console) and lighting (again everything except the console) support for both their Good Friday and Easter morning services. The audio rig included a Meyer Sound main PA comprised of 4 x Meyer MSL-2A mains and 4 x Meyer 650 -R2 subwoofers powered by a QSC amp rack and 3 Meyer UPM-1P for front fills. The lobby at the Cornhusk

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