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Bistro 101

Bistro string lighting adds such a wonderful touch to your event. It doesn't matter if you're hosting a backyard party, a corporate event, or your special day these classic bulbs always fit in perfectly. Enough about this classic feature - let's dive into their elegance.

Low Lying Fog

Close your eyes for a moment. Imaging you and the girl or guy of your dream dancing with you through the most beautiful cloud layer...can you see it? Doesn't it look and feel unbelievably magical? Well were here to say that it is magical and totally something you should consider as a first dance effect, grand entrance, or where ever else you want to make your guests feel like they're on cloud 9. Sit back and enjoy as you take a ride through the most fluffiest, perfect clouds you've ever imagined.

Sparkler 101

Cold Sparklers are all the rage right now. I mean who doesn't love the fact that you can have indoor fountains of sparks that are completely safe! I know if I was getting married again this would be a must have. Check out the images below for the start of our 101 series to the blog.

Class Is In Session

Hey there 2020 you're looking good. So many exciting things happening around the Stratum warehouse these days. The one I am most proud of is the addition of our 101 Series on Social Media and on our blog. The 101 is intended the help you figure out what you might want or need at your event in some easy to read images that highlight some of our most popular products. These can be found in our "highlights" section on Instagram! You should go check it out! We want to make sure that you as a event planner, client, or, heck, anyone interested in the production world has a basic knowledge of the equipment. This way you can feel confident. We know that when you feel confident your event will be co

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