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What Is Timecode!?

We recently released on our social media platforms that we are now able to offer timecode drive shows to our clients on both GrandMA2 and Onyx lighting software. This is something that I have wanted to build for a long time and because of COVID-19 I have finally had the time to build out systems for this services. Making lemonade outta lemons friends. While timecode is a common concept and my understnading of it is vast I know that isn't the case for most of our clients. I want to take time in this blog to explain what timecode is, what it can be used for, and how to integrate it into your next event. So. Uh. What Is Timecode? Timecode is a timing signal that is used to synchronize multiple

Live Streaming Your Event - In A Hurry

Thinking Of Cancelling? Out of an abundance of caution there are tons of people cancelling or postponing events to slow and stop the spread of COVID-19. Before you consider cancelling your event have you considered live streaming? Live streaming to either a social media platform, an embedded link on your website or all of the above is a great tool. Not only does this keep your guests safe but it also ensures you're not wasting all of your teams hard work and dedication in planning your event or conference. Live Streaming Can Be Incredibly Simple Live streaming your event can be as simple as investing in a good phone tripod and external microphone. It's as simple as placing your phone in the

Hey Churches - affected by COVID-19? Let's get that live stream running!

I don't think any of us imagined that 2020 would start out this way. During this time, I think everyone's main priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy and to ultimately slow and stop the spread of this virus that is altering our world every hour. Simple To Operate Live Stream Systems In an effort to keep events, Church services, and all other types of Church gatherings moving forward we have been working overtime this week designing live stream options for our clients that are easy to use and simple to deploy. We're offering systems that are available to rent and purchase to ensure that your message can still reach your audience or congregation in expedient fashion. Free Tech Support F

5 Tips For LED Video Walls

As LED video system prices continue to become lower and lower it is no surprise that it is definitely a technology that can, and will, be used at your event, install, or business in the very near future--if it isn't already. Here are our 5 Tips to ensure you make the most out of your rental or purchase of an LED display. Tip 1: Content Size Each panel of the LED wall like the picture below is a group of pixels - when you combine multiple panels you start to get groups of pixels and you arrive at the dimensions of your wall. Once you have the dimensions of your surface it is important to ensure your content matches the custom aspect ratio of the wall. Tip 2: Color Temperature Know the Kelvin

Total AV Solution

When I started this company the entire goal was to become a place where a client could walk through our door and find every event and install need they could ever ask for - a true "Total AV Solution". A big reason for the push to be a one stop solution is because the event industry moves at 1000 miles per hour. Collaboration is a great way to accomplish things but with the pace of our industry things can get lost in translation and that can lead to disaster for an event or installation Today I am proud to announce that we have taken the next steps in becoming that for our clients. We are now an authorized dealer for some incredible AV brands - for both live production and installation. I tru

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