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Outdoor Cinema Social Distancing Style

With all this social distancing we want to inject some fun and maybe a change of pace for you and your family. That's why we've added outdoor/backyard friendly movies. To keep it safe and social distancing friendly we're offering online payment, contact free set up, and take down. All you have to do is provide the power and a DVD and we will bring the party. Our team will come set up a professional cinema system for you and your family to enjoy. Once we're finished setting up we will leave and all you need to do is pop some popcorn, set up your chairs or blankets, put in your favorite flick and press play. Once your movie is complete shoot us a text and we will have a team over to remove the

Outdoor Movie Weather Policy

With Spring in full swing and Summer right around the corner we wanted to keep you our clients informed as to what our policies are for outdoor movies. We all know that the weather in Nebraska can change in an instant. Our team keeps the safety of your guests, our staff, and our equipment at the heart of every decision we make. By using up to the minute weather monitoring apps on our phones we are certain we can make an informed choice that keeps everyone and everything safe. In the instance where weather does present an issue to your outdoor screening we highly recommend that you consider having a back up venue inside. This will ensure that the screening will go on no matter what. Please ta

Your Cake Mapping Guide

Welcome back to the blog! I sincerely hope that we are providing you interesting content that is helping you make smarter and more creative ideas when planning your event. Today I want to talk about Cake Mapping (insert magical music). Cake mapping is not something that is done a ton in our region which is the exact reason why you should look at doing it for your next event. Something fresh and exciting. I want to take a couple minutes to explain what cake mapping is, how it started, where it can be used, and how much it costs. What Is Cake Mapping? Cake Mapping is the technique where we are projecting an image or video on to a plain, typically multi layered cake. Cake mapping is a fantastic

What Is Projection Mapping?

We pride ourselves on being forward thinking and offering things that don't currently exist within the local market. One of those things that we have been able to especially hone in on during this down time is Projection Mapping. In my eyes projection mapping is an incredible tool and can be used in several different ways to include advertising, theater, gaming, concerts, computing, architectural mapping, product releases and more. If you want maximum impact and wow factor projection mapping is a great tool to pull out of your bag of tricks and watch the jaws drop in awe. I hope this will give you a small glimpse into what projection mapping is and how it can be used to transform your event

Gobos - what are they and why should I use them?

Gobos, also known as monograms, might be one of my favorite things in the world right next to anything else live production or fast cars. Whether it is a custom gobo thrown in a light fixture that is shining down on your favorite teams tunnel walk (GBR!) or an elegantly designed gobo that is shown above the head table at a wedding you attend they are an absolute must have for your event. They genuinely add such a huge wow factor to almost any type of event and in this blog I want to explain a little bit more about what they are, different types of Gobos, and why you should use them at your next event! Gobo's in the simplest explanation are just stencils. We take a design overlay it on a piec

6 Keys For Creating Immersive Environments

Long gone are the days of hiring a company to set up a simple PA system a couple of lights and calling it good for your event. Today people are expecting an event that is going to be interactive, impactful, and immersive. They want to be submerged in an experience not just splashed with AV. Side note - If I can be honest for a moment you can certainly only have a basic AV package but your E-ROI (Event- ROI) is going to suffer greatly. I'll be posting a two part blog on E-ROI later on this month and I highly recommend you check it out. Now let's get back on track - today I want to share with you 6 keys that can help you immerse in pure event bliss. These keys will help you unlock unlimited po

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