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Tailgate LED/Audio Packages

The words no fan ever wants to hear "We just don't think football will happen this fall" As we continue to watch cases continually rise and now more than ever watch the Football season come down to the last straw. It's becoming more and more clear that even if there is football season, a large majority of folks won't be inside the stadium. I am not saying that this is hard truth yet, but it is very apparent that there is a high chance of things not being "normal". That's why the Stratum team is designing video and audio systems to help you still get a great game day experience. Whether we are in the shadows of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln or in your backyard we can guarantee we will have a pa

New Number Who Dis'

We are excited to announce we have fully integrated our new phone systems into the fabric of our company. While changing numbers mid season can be a challenging thing we realized that our previous service was not effective in getting our clients great service. As of today our old number of 402-882-1691 is no longer in service. You can now reach us for all of our live event, AV rental, and event labor needs at 402-313-1864 Keep on rockin' friends!

Don't stream your event any other way.

Let me start this off by saying we have taken our sweet time offering live streaming services to our clients. That isn't because we don't see the value in it or that we are slow on the tech game. We honestly just want to ensure that whatever we do is done with excellence and in a way that allows you as our client to still convey your message and interact with your guests. That's why as of this past week we are officially moving forward with Zoom as our preferred platform for live streaming conferences, trade shows, and other events. Unlike other streaming services Zoom still offers the human touch to the streamed events, especially for the host or presenter. Having the ability to see the fac

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