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We know, we know, it sounds crude but it isn't meant to be. We really believe that we have the coolest job in the world. We're building the next generation of leaders in the entertainment industry. 

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Our Mission


Building our clients event dreams since 2017


We create immersive atmospheres that deliver unique experiences. 

Core Values

If you've ever had an interaction with our team we're certain you've had a small taste of who we are at the core. Through the event technology for both live and installation settings our goal is to create immersive experiences.


No matter if it's a church looking for a partner to help them upgrade their audio visual systems and train their team to the rock concert preparing to tour around the world we love every day and everything we do. We have a true passion for this country,  industry, and the people that make it up. 

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Current Openings

AV Architect Part time

Installation Technician
Part time

1099 Audio visual 


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