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Combining these dimensions gives us four types of players, and each requires a different strategy:

1. Loose-passive

2. Tight-passive

3. Loose-aggressive

4. Tight-aggressive

Since The Psychology of Poker gives detailed instructions about recognizing and adjusting to each type, I won’t discuss these adjustments

Preparing to Play Each and Every Hand

This preparation involves a new dimension, time pressure. You have so little time to make decisions—especially when playing online—that you may not consider enough information. Mason Malmuth wrote, “I think the real reason why some players always outperform everyone else has to do with speed of thought…. Those who are able to think quickly through all the possibilities will have a significant edge over those who think at more normal speeds.7

You can’t increase your mental speed, but you can increase your thinking time by preparing thoroughly beforehand. This preparation occurs in two phases, before and after seeing your cards.

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