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Ready. Set. Wedding Fair.

The new year is quickly approaching and with the new year comes wedding shows! We want to take some time and share some tips and tricks about how to survive the wedding show season and get the most out of it.

Love them or hate them wedding shows have a ton to offer everything from caterers, florists, wedding dress boutiques, and wedding planners. Hitting all the right shows can make your wedding planning a breeze!

One of the greatest parts about going to a wedding show is seeing all the vendors in one place. You really get a feel for all the current trends for your wedding. Seeing those trends really help you decide, and ultimately, settle, on a theme that you will LOVE!

Going to a wedding show is really just planning your wedding in one fellow swoop! Some vendors have some great specials or sales they are willing to offer at these shows. If you are willing, and ready, to commit to something that day you can essentially plan your wedding in one day. Who wouldn't love that?!

Sometimes to get a good vendor you have a lot of phone or email conversations. With the crazy time of the holidays settling down this is a great opportunity to get to meet those vendors face to face for, maybe, the first time!

The last thing we really love about wedding fairs is really getting the opportunity to "sample" their products before you purchase it! My favorite part of wedding planning is tasting the different types of cakes! But shouldn't you be offered that same luxury in the lighting company you choose? Or the photo booth company? Or the DJ? This is a great time to see and "taste" what they have to offer among all the competition.

We are so excited to take part in The Wedding Fair here in Lincoln, NE on January 7th located at the Cornhusker Hotel from 12PM-4PM! We will be there and you will get to see some of the awesome new stuff we have to offer, meet us face-to-face, get a killer deal, and try out some of our services for yourself! We can't wait to see you there!

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