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DJ Lighting Disaster

There I was as a guest at the front table of my friends reception. The setting was beautiful--I mean everything had its place. It was a dreamy venue with elegant settings and beautiful decor. After we had been seated and served, we anxiously awaited the the rest of the evening to continue. It was that special moment where the DJ called out for the Bride and her Father to come out for the Father-Daughter dance. Just as the slow song began playing, which I cant remember to save my life, I began to get lost in the multi-colored strobing, the ill-timed lighting of the DJ's light bar which was placed directly behind the DJ booth. At this point I was mesmerized by all the colors and the speed at which they were changing I suddenly cringed and remembered that is not at all what I should be paying attention to! I needed to be focused on the bride and her father dancing for the very first time but for the life of me I could not redirect my attention from those magically distracting lights to the actual magic that was happening on the dance floor.

You see this may not seem like a big problem to anyone else but for us, as a business, this is a huge problem! We are in the business of creating atmospheres. That's why when things like the lighting or audio at an event are distracting, we cringe. That's why at every event that we light we take the extra time and ensure that all the fixtures are programmed and operated by someone on our team. We don't just set it to an auto mode and left to run for the night. Every light, every time.

We can set the mood for every event. Everything from integrating uplighting into the dance floor to setting the stage with your companies colors.

Whether you are walking out for your very first dance as a couple or preparing to give the biggest presentation of your life to your clients--we have you covered.

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