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Sometimes you don't get what you pay for.

Last week I received a phone call from a friend who is an amazing lighting designer and tech in the Lincoln area. He had called to ask if I could fill in for a lighting gig that he was unable to make it to. I quickly obliged and said that I would do it if they needed me to. As the conversation progressed we started talking about an organization in Lincoln that just spent well over a million dollars on a new lighting install. A million dollars sounds like a ton of money but when it comes to technical equipment and install this is really just a drop in a bucket especially when you start taking upwards of $15K-20K per fixture.

We continued to talk and to my amazement my friend said that the company that installed this new lighting system had not installed the proper equipment for the room. Instead of using LEKO's to get crisp even lighting they used PAR cans and instead of using a lighting console that works efficiently with LED source lighting the install company had selected a console that is meant to be used in a theater environment minimizing the overall control of the lighting rig.

Needless the say, the client was not pleased with how the install had been completed and, unfortunately, they were stuck with all the bad choices and half thought out ideas. You may be wondering why I took the time to explain this situation.

1. Just because some company has a name that has been around 60 years does not always mean that they know what they're doing. A name does nothing and knowledge is everything.

2. As a client you don't know what you don't know. In this case I am sure if the install company would have sat down and done a thorough consultation with their client they would have probably caught the fact that the lighting may not have been right for the room. Instead of doing this I am sure that they just duplicated another space that was similar and figured it would all work out for the best.

I can personally guarantee that if you walk through the doors at Stratum Productions you will not be misled into buying something that you won't, or don't, need. You will get the proper equipment for the space and you will get our guarantee to fix any issues after the install is complete.

So the next time you are contemplating

who to chose for your live production or integration needs you can be assured that we will take you from start to finish with a high quality of knowledge and professionalism. That's a fact.

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