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Easter 2018 rundown

Whew what a weekend! After 30+ hours of work we made some amazing things happen.

As always it was an incredible experience helping out our amazing client Mercy City Church communicate their message clearly to over 1,000 people. I should also mention that we loved working with their amazing production team for Easter 2018. This year we provided audio (everything except the console) and lighting (again everything except the console) support for both their Good Friday and Easter morning services.

The audio rig included a Meyer Sound main PA comprised of 4 x Meyer MSL-2A mains and 4 x Meyer 650 -R2 subwoofers powered by a QSC amp rack and 3 Meyer UPM-1P for front fills. The lobby at the Cornhusker is a large space but we were able to effectively handle it with 4 x EV SxA100's that were run as a separate mix bus so we could mix the rooms independent of each other. As far as wireless systems go we ran 6 x Shure PSM1000 for wireless IEM's for the band with 2 x Shure hard wired P9HW's for the drummer and keys player. Wireless mics consisted of 6 x ULXP-58's for for the worship leaders and Pastor's. We could go on and on about audio and the mics we used but I think you get the point and blabbing about a bunch of brands and numbers won't get us anywhere. Just know that we used pro equipment that performs in every environment.

For lighting we had the challenge of having a drawn back feel for Good Friday but needing to go big for Easter. The simplest way for us to achieve that feel is through vintage fixtures and bulbs. This is where our custom Skypans come in handy. They provide a very unique and unforgettable experience and with interchangeable bulb types you can really add some cool dynamics with this fixture. The Skypans and some custom Edison light stands that the team at Mercy City built we're the key players for Good Friday and well words can only do so much so check out how it turned out.

Photo Credit: Spencer Crumpton (Good Friday Photo)

Easter morning we rolled out an entirely new lighting floor package that was built around 4 X Martin Mac 300's, 2 x Blizzard KryoMorph's, 4 x Blizzard BlockHead Z9's, 4 x Blizzard RGBW HotBox Par's, and 2 x Blizzard SnowBlinders. Again, the folks at Mercy City killed it with the addition of some simple coroplast scenic pieces that looked great with some uplight.

This package seems like a mixed bag of tricks but it blended in really well together and some of the looks that were made with this rig are incredible considering the stage was flipped, show was programmed, and rehearsed in less than 10 hours. Don't take my word for it go ahead and take a look for yourself.

All in all it was another incredible weekend of helping someone communicate their message clearly using Audio and Lighting. This is why we do what we do. If you need help clearly communicating your message feel free to contact us for a free consultation and quote we would love to work with you!


“If you want to give light to others you have to glow yourself.” – Thomas S. Monson

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