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How We're Different

We just finished up an amazing wedding show yesterday at the DC Centre in Omaha. We had a great time talking with all the future brides, their family, and friends. A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and talked with us!

About halfway through the show I realized that one of the most popular questions I was getting was "what exactly do you do". To be honest we do a lot and it can be hard to portray everything that we do through social media or through a trade show. We have services that most other companies around the area don't have! That's what makes us a unique company especially for the middle of Nebraska.

1. Photo Booth and #printer

While there are a ton of other Photo Booth vendors around the area we know that our state-of-the-art Photo Booth blows theirs out of the water. Social Media, Email, Text, GIFS, Instant Prints the list goes on and on. It's basically the best thing this side of the Mississippi.

Our #printer (hashtag printer) on the other hand is something unique to us as a company. It is a great way to connect with your guests, clients or whoever, through social media. Simply tell your guest to take a picture, tag it with your unique hashtag, and post it to Instagram or Twitter. Once they're done uploading it they can come over to our kiosk and print a Instagram style 4x6 photo.

To our knowledge there is no one in the local area that has this service and we are certain that no one has one that looks like ours since we went through the pain staking process to have it custom made.

2. Lighting

Event lighting was, and still is, our first love. This is how I cut my teeth in the live event world. Still to this day I get goosebumps when I have the opportunity to run lights for a wedding, concert, worship service, or conference. There is something magical that happens when a well lit event comes to life. We provide a custom lighting plan for each client we work with and have the ability to provide a detailed 3D walkthrough of their event space before we event step foot in the venue.

For weddings we don't just set the lights on sound mode and watch them strobe as the Bride and Groom are sharing their first dance. We take the time to program lights to the room and ensure that we have an experienced lighting operator there to ensure that lights match the mood and music.

The same goes for the rest of our clients--you can be assured that we have you covered 100% when it comes to event lighting.

3. Audio

The most important aspect to any event whether a wedding or a conference is the ability to have good audio. That means that the person in the back is getting the same experience as the one in the front row. We take the time to map each room so we know exactly how many speakers and what their placement needs to be to have an equal experience throughout the space.

We have the ability to handle an acoustic musician in a small bar to a multi-day festival with multiple stages to a large conference with a speaking panel.

4. Rentals and Custom Features

This is the hidden gem in our company. When I talk with most people they don't realize that we have a full line of rentals and custom items ranging from rustic doors to use as a outdoor wedding backdrop, to custom lighting fixtures to add unique flair to your event. We are always adding to this department and are always looking for events that allow us to use our creativity and woodworking skills to make a magical set design or custom piece for an event.

At the end of the day we offer a ton of services. There is no denying that fact. Everything from outdoor races, to intimate weddings, and loud rock concerts. The one thing that remains the same is that we are just as passionate about your event as you are. We will sweat, bleed, cry, and do whatever it takes to make sure that your event goes off without an issue.

Your event is our passion.

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