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Four Lighting Ideas For Your Event

Lighting can make or break your event. If the lighting is too dark guests can miss important moments, or elements, of your event. If the lighting is too bright it can be a distraction and force people to lose interest. Great lighting can grab peoples attention, highlight certain elements, and create an incredible atmosphere. Using these four lighting ideas will help you create the lighting experience you, and your guests, want at your next event.

1. Uplighting

Using uplighting is the simplest option out of the four but it gets you the most bang for your buck. Most venues, or conference centers, want to appeal to multiple clients so they use neutral colors and don't have a ton of "wow" factor by themselves. Uplighting the perimeter of the room can tie in the color of your event and really bring the wow factor you might be wanting.

Below is an image of when we used uplighting at an outdoor auction to accent the gorgeous tress that the property had on it.

2. Pin Spotting

Pin spotting

Pin spots are usually small lights that are a battery operated and can literally be mounted almost anywhere. They're a great lighting tool to help you highlight important things like floral elements, cakes, specific tables, or other creative elements. After all, why spend all that money on a beautiful floral arrangement or design piece and not highlight it to grab your guests attention?

3. The Gobo

Wedding Gobo

We're sure you think this a word we just made up--but it isn't. A gobo, in the simplest explanation, is a design, pattern, logo, or picture etched in metal or glass that is placed in front of a beam of light. They're highly flexible and can be shown on the interior or exterior of buildings, floors, walls, and ceilings.

Gobo Wash

Gobo's are a simply way to transform your event and add texture, promote your brand, or create a pattern. We're sure that the visual addition of gobo's at your next event won't go unnoticed.

4. An entire light show

Light shows are a fun way to add a unique touch to your event and build excitement as the event progresses. Keep the guests sitting in awe as the lights constantly move and flash and continue to keep the event fresh and full of energy. This is a great option for events like award ceremonies, dances, or any event that you want to be unique and full of energy.

Event Lighting

Light shows are a little bit different than the other options above as they require a lighting designer/operator to make a custom lighting design for your event.

Ready to take your event lighting game to the next level? We can help! Give us a call or email us at for your free consulation and quote today!

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