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Haze 101

Ever wonder what that "smoke" is that makes the lights look cool when you're out with your friends seeing your favorite band? No it isn't smoke, or fog--its haze. We're going to help you understand what haze is, why we use it and, how you can successfully incorporate it into your next event.

Lighting with Haze

What is Haze and why do we use it?

"What is haze?" Haze is not the thick cloud of fog you might have seen a DJ use at a wedding reception. Haze is actually usually so thin in the air that you won't even notice that it's even there.

You might be asking, "so why do you use haze if you can't see it? My lights look sweet without haze!" We don't disagree with you but when we don't use haze at an event you can only see where the light is coming from and what it is hitting, such as a wall, ceiling, floor or some other object. When we use haze once the light leaves the light fixture it starts to reflect off the molecules of haze in the air and this is where you start to see the nice fat beams of light.

Different Types of Haze

We use two different types of haze on a regular basis--Oil based and Water based. Both have their benefits and setbacks.

Oil based haze is great at being dispersed nice and evenly and tends to hang in the air for a longer time period. The downfall of Oil based haze is that it can be messy and leave a residue on anything it falls on including your nice linen's, carpet, and just about everything else.

Water based haze, on the other hand, is a much cleaner haze. It is basically just a mist of water that has literally zero clean up. The downfall is that it does take more of it to fill a space and keep it even throughout the space.

Venue Restrictions

Most, if not all, venues in the area are totally okay with the use of haze in their venue. Since we are putting particulate in the air that can trigger fire alarms, and even set off sprinkler systems we have to work closely with each and every venue to make sure that their fire detection system is shut off before we can use haze so the fire department doesn't accidentally get called. (Don't worry this is something that we take care of before the event even starts.)

You might ask, "With the fire detection system shut off what happens if there is a real fire"? Great question and we're glad you asked. This is the point where the venue might provide someone to be a fire watch, or if local fire code calls for it, the venue might have to have someone from the fire department on site that ensures that the event goes off without an incident and if there is an incident it can be properly handled.


In closing, the final question you might have is this, "Do I need haze at my next event?" The obvious answer to your question is that it is totally your choice. Typically for less than $100 you can rent a haze machine and take your event, and it's lighting, to the next level.

Ready to add haze to your next event? We can help! Contact us today for your free consultation and quote

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