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Why Should I Rent An LED Video Wall!?

Now that we have added an awesome LED Wall to our arsenal we have been getting asked the same questions over and over and that is -- "Why should I rent and LED video wall?"

Great question! I am so glad you asked! There are a couple of reasons why an LED Video wall would make sense over a standard projector and screen for displaying your video content.

1. Day Time Usage

The sun is an amazing thing except for when you want to host an outdoor movie, stream the game at your tailgate, or have an outdoor concert. With so much ambient sunlight during your outdoor event even the most high powered projector won't be able to compete with the sun. This is a great time to lean on LED video technology to ensure you get high quality clear images for everyone to see.

2. Projection Isn't Feasible

In some cases a room layout may not support the use of projection due to a multitude of reasons. The distance from the projector and screen doesn't add up, there are physical objects in the way of the projector ( i.e. support posts, decorative items, architectural design issues), surface type, and so on.

3. Creativity and/or Design purposes

Probably the biggest reason we added the LED wall to our rental program is that it is truly a creative tool. It can be set up in different shapes and sizes. It can be used as a design element for a concert, a venue opening, or even for advertising. There are literally hundreds of ways to integrate LED video technology into your next event and we're certain it will keep all of your guests well informed and entertained.

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