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5 Tips For LED Video Walls

LED Video Wall

As LED video system prices continue to become lower and lower it is no surprise that it is definitely a technology that can, and will, be used at your event, install, or business in the very near future--if it isn't already. Here are our 5 Tips to ensure you make the most out of your rental or purchase of an LED display.

Tip 1: Content Size

Each panel of the LED wall like the picture below is a group of pixels - when you combine multiple panels you start to get groups of pixels and you arrive at the dimensions of your wall. Once you have the dimensions of your surface it is important to ensure your content matches the custom aspect ratio of the wall.

Tip 2: Color Temperature

Know the Kelvin of your stage lighting so you can match it to the LED wall. While this might not seem like an important topic to discuss it can make or break how your guests view images and IMAG on the video wall. If color temperature isn't matched well it can create a visually unpleasing effect and can affect your video recording. Using processing most LED walls are able to closely match the Kelvin of a majority of stage lighting fixtures on the market.

Tip 3: Ground Supporting - All Staging Isn't Made Equally

While there are various ways to deploy LED walls - one popular way is by ground supporting them. Ground supporting is cost effective and a great alternative if there isn't a suitable structure to fly the wall. One common mistake we often see is people placing ground supported on stage decking - while this is a safe option you need to verify that the stage decks are capable of supporting the weight of the wall - if not this could lead to a very serious safety issue.

Tip 4: Rigging

All too often event planners and designers plan for "flying" the LED wall without understanding the room and its structural capabilities. A way we work around this is by conducting a site survey early on in the planning process. This ensures that if there is an issue with hanging the wall we can create a plan to either bring in a structure to hang the wall or ground support it.

Tip 5: Depth of Field

Depth of Field is a fancy way of describing how far your presenter, band, or object is from the LED wall. The closer they are to the wall the greater the chance of a moire effect appearing on video recordings or IMAG. Keeping your talent a good distance away from the wall in addition to utilizing some technical tools can keep your IMAG and video recordings crisp and clear.

Have more questions? Reach out! We would love to discuss how an LED wall can be a great addition to your next event, meeting, or permanemt install.

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