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Hey Churches - affected by COVID-19? Let's get that live stream running!

I don't think any of us imagined that 2020 would start out this way. During this time, I think everyone's main priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy and to ultimately slow and stop the spread of this virus that is altering our world every hour.

Simple To Operate Live Stream Systems

In an effort to keep events, Church services, and all other types of Church gatherings moving forward we have been working overtime this week designing live stream options for our clients that are easy to use and simple to deploy. We're offering systems that are available to rent and purchase to ensure that your message can still reach your audience or congregation in expedient fashion.

Free Tech Support For Local Churches

In addition to designing live stream systems that will be available to start shipping on March 17th, we're offering free tech support to local Churches needing to get their streams set up quickly. If you are a Church that needs support please reach out to us anytime this weekend or the coming week by phone 402-882-1691 or email at

Resources To Maximize Your Live Stream

We've complied a list of great resources that are available to help get your live stream up and running with as few road blocks as possible. Here are a few resources to help you.

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