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What Is Projection Mapping?

We pride ourselves on being forward thinking and offering things that don't currently exist within the local market. One of those things that we have been able to especially hone in on during this down time is Projection Mapping.

In my eyes projection mapping is an incredible tool and can be used in several different ways to include advertising, theater, gaming, concerts, computing, architectural mapping, product releases and more. If you want maximum impact and wow factor projection mapping is a great tool to pull out of your bag of tricks and watch the jaws drop in awe.

I hope this will give you a small glimpse into what projection mapping is and how it can be used to transform your event into an immersive experience.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is the use of a projector or group of projectors to display an image, graphic, or video on a non-conventional surface.

Unlike your home theater or office projector that is typically using a single projector and displaying a video or power point presentation on a flat, white surface like a projection screen projection mapping can really be executed anywhere. The world is really the canvas for projection mapping. Using special software we are able to take items, like the facade of a building, car, art piece and make it come to life in an interactive 3D model.

Have a questions? Ready to to add this amazing option to you next event? Reach out to our team! We would love to help you decide if projection mapping is something that can take your event to the next level.

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