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Your Cake Mapping Guide

Welcome back to the blog! I sincerely hope that we are providing you interesting content that is helping you make smarter and more creative ideas when planning your event.

Today I want to talk about Cake Mapping (insert magical music). Cake mapping is not something that is done a ton in our region which is the exact reason why you should look at doing it for your next event.

Something fresh and exciting.

I want to take a couple minutes to explain what cake mapping is, how it started, where it can be used, and how much it costs.

What Is Cake Mapping?

Cake Mapping is the technique where we are projecting an image or video on to a plain, typically multi layered cake. Cake mapping is a fantastic way to create an eye catching center piece at events like weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and other special events.

Where Did It Start?

Cake mapping started in 2014 when Disney Fairy Tale Weddings introduced its interactive projection mapped cake for a client. Since that moment the event world has taken hold of that revolutionary idea and started offering this incredibly unique service. We've seen cakes mapped with PacMan, Wizard Of Oz, Frozen, and more incredible scenes and animation stories.

Cake Mapping adds a layer of sophistication and beauty by covering the cake in animation, custom messages, logos, or anything you can imagine.

Where Is Cake Mapping Used?

We love to use cake mapping in several types of events to include weddings, corporate events, and life events. After all, who wants their event to be boring and run of the mill? Lets make it pop with a gorgeous cake mapped to perfection!

Weddings - For couples who want to really stand out among their guests a mapped cake is a great option. The cake can have a handful of images of the couples journey to love, their initials, a beautiful geometric design or some fairy-tale magic to capture the moment of love.

Corporate Events - Customize your cake with you companies logo, hints for the new product you're about to release, your top clients branding, your new location or whatever marketing or advertising you want. It's sure to catch your guests eye and quickly make its way to social media for the world to see. Can you say viral?

Life Events - Celebrating the big retirement day, birthday, anniversary, or other life event. Make it one you won't soon forget by unveiling a perfectly designed and mapped cake.

So how much does it cost?

Cost can range between $500 - $1500 or more depending on some variables like the size of cake, if it is a real cake or a "dummy" cake, square or round, content creation, and so on...

We highly advise all of our clients to use one of our dummy cakes to projection map onto instead of the real cake. If we do map on the real cake sometimes the edges aren't clean, the video doesn't look right, and once the cake is cut the images are gone. If you use a dummy cake we can ensure that everything is perfect, tested beforehand, and guests can enjoy that delicious cake while still being mesmerized by the mapped cake.

Ready to map your cake? Let's chat - were ready to rock your socks off with a custom mapped cake.

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