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Don't stream your event any other way.

Let me start this off by saying we have taken our sweet time offering live streaming services to our clients. That isn't because we don't see the value in it or that we are slow on the tech game.

We honestly just want to ensure that whatever we do is done with excellence and in a way that allows you as our client to still convey your message and interact with your guests.

That's why as of this past week we are officially moving forward with Zoom as our preferred platform for live streaming conferences, trade shows, and other events.

Unlike other streaming services Zoom still offers the human touch to the streamed events, especially for the host or presenter.

Having the ability to see the faces of everyone you are presenting to, gauging their expressions, and seeing them adds a much needed human touch in this season of life.

In addition to having the opportunity to see your entire audioence we still have the capability to add all the production value you would see in another livestream services. Need to present using a powerpoint? Want to show a short video clip? Need to take a poll? Whatever it is, we are confident that we have found a proven method that is sure to propel your event into the stratoshpere of success.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today to learn about how our team + Zoom is a game changing set up for your next event.

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