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5 Event Lighting Tips and Tricks

Whether you are a seasoned lighting designer, top notch event planner, or new comer this one thing is true. Preparing for an event can be stressful and borderline daunting if it isn't done correctly. If you are using your own equipment, cross renting outside gear or utilizing a hybrid method using these 5 tips and tricks are a sure fire way to ensure your next event lighting gig goes off without a hitch.

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#1 Go Green - Keep It LED

Whenever possible we do our very best and always advise our clients to utilize LED lighting. Not only does this save on power consumption (which can save the client money in the long run by needing less power distribution) it also cuts down on the amount of heat in a space and opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities of color palettes that can be dialed in to a very specific look or feel.

Pro tip - if you are hosting an event in a conference room or hotel LED is your best bet. Most venues of this style do not have massive amounts of power needed to power conventional and discharge lamp luminaires.

#2 Design The Layout In Advance

Ever heard the phrase time is money? Showing up to a venue without a solid plan of how you are going to light the space is a recipe for disaster. Not only does it make you look unprofessional but you run the risk of not having enough time to build out the design the customer is expecting, preventing delays in installation and so on. Utilizing a tool like our favorite lighting design tool, Capture you can create 3D models of the space with tables, chairs, and everything else planned to be in the space so you can have an exact plan in place when you arrive on site.

In fact if you utilize a tool like Capture you can even create preset looks that you can show the client in advance and have presets already created for your lighting desk of choice. Taking your lighting game to the next level!

#3 Showcase Areas Of Interest

The human eye is naturally drawn to the brightest feature or object in a room. By taking extra time to specifically light items like cake tables, auction items, VIP seating areas, dance floors, stages you will automatically draw attention to those areas. This is always one of our first questions with a client as we want to be 100% certain that we light areas that are important to them.

Pro tip - we always, and I mean always program an emergency situation cue into our lighting console. It isn't anything fancy just a cue that ensure all walkways and exits are clearly marked so guests can safely exit the facility if the need were to arise. Side note - it's truly unfortunate that we have to talk about active shooters at events but it is becoming an all too common thing. We do have a procedure for our lighting techs to use in this instance which I feel like needs an entire blog post of it's own. Stay tuned to that.

#4 Light The Experience

When lighting a gala, prom, or corporate event, where do you want the experience to start for the guest? While the actual event may happen in a ballroom or specific area of a building the guest experience starts well before that. With that in mind be creative with how you light areas. The parking garage, hotel lobby, venue entry way, or courtyards are all great areas to capitalize on. Creating an experience that goes beyond the main event. Building anticipation and energy for the event and make it a journey and not just a destination.

#5 Have Fun With It

At the end of the day the entire reason we're here doing what were doing is because it's fun. While some events can be very stressful it's a must to have fun at the event. We as creators can become hyper critical of our own work and start to knit pick and minor flaws which isn't a bad thing because perfection is always the pursuit but if it's to the point that you aren't having fun than maybe it's time for a short reset. Relax, breath, and enjoy smashing the buttons on your lighting desk.

Looking for lighting rentals, advice, or just someone to nerd out over lights with stop by our shop or give us a call for your free proposal. We're here to lighten your world! 402-313-1864 or shoot us an email to


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