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Bridging the Gap

It is no doubt that the last 18 months have been an nightmare for so many people in the world. In my opinion I think that the live entertainment industry got the short end of the stick.

From drawn out debates for assistance to minimal work many of the companies and people that made up our great industry have chosen to call it quits.

Breaking an already strained industry an estimated 40% of the industry walked away in less than a year, Some may return most won't.

Can we blame them?

If I can speak honestly I almost made the same decision for Stratum.

However, through the roller coaster of events I stayed rooted in the truth that we are called to revolutionize the entertainment industry and create the next generation of leaders.

Charging into the next era of live events.

So why as the CEO of Stratum am I saying all this to you?

There is a storm brewing in the not too distant future.

A storm that is filled with a massive shortage of equipment and qualified staffing.

It's not a question of if but when.

I don't know the timeline but I am certain on this one thing...

We are committed to finish out 2021 by hiring more knowledgeable staff. Bolstering our rental inventory of professional audio, video, lighting, and rigging equipment and hardware.

We're here to bridge the gap for your band, company, venue.

From arenas to roadhouses and everything in between we're ready to make up for lost time.

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