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Cows, Corn, and Creatives

What is the first thought when you hear the word Nebraska?

I’ll take a wild guess and lay down some of the things you thought of:




Warren Buffet

A land of nothing

More corn

As a lifelong Nebraskan with a family that spends their times plowing fields and raising cattle, I have a deep respect for that life style. There is something so simple about knowing what must be done and going and doing that task. The pace of life is almost amusing to me now as I wonder how we got anything done.

Anyways that isn’t the point, today I want to highlight the misconception that a majority of the world looks at Nebraska and see’s a vast expanse of nothingness filled with cattle and corn a major misunderstanding is that we are cultivating a creative culture that might be the nations best kept secret.

I am willing to bet my entire life’s savings on is the fact that not a single one of you in the challenge above thought of a creative culture that will absolutely drive the rapid growth of the entertainment and creative industry as an entirety.

From creative design firms, to tech companies the silicon prairie is alive and booming and I am tired of people visiting and saying there is nothing to do or accomplish here.

Opportunity is ripe for the taking with metro areas like Omaha and Lincoln continuing to grow the attractiveness of this area, it is becoming more and more appeasing to young creatives and with that movement comes an influence of change.

While the world sees this as the middle of nothing, we, at Stratum, see it as the middle of everything.

Strategically located in the heartland we have a unique perspective that gives us the ability to service our clients coast to coast in the same timeline. No cross country treks for our team to get great gear, great people and a great show to your ball room or arena.

I would be willing to put my money where my mouth is and say that Nebraska is being wildly overlooked from a creative hub. The team at Stratum and I are working on some unique opportunities and networking events geared towards educating not only the people inside this great state of what is possible here but outside and across the county.

We are going to facilitate and create something that has never been done in a place that most people have written off as a wasteland. With a rare blend of work ethic and creativity the foundation for a creative outbreak is apparent. People just need the right vehicle to take them to their creative wonderland - and we are going to build it from the ground up.

We’re all in on Nebraska, are you?


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