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Digital Signage - An Investment You Can't Afford Not To Make

We, as a human race, have recently hit an amazing goal - let me quickly tell you about it.

The time it takes for a goldfish to swim around a bowl before changing paths is about 9 seconds. The average human, based on a recent study diverts their attention every 8 seconds. Now before you start accusing me of saying the goldfish has a longer attention span than we humans let me explain.

It is absolutely critical to be able to grab and hold onto your customers attention before those very short 8 seconds pass by and they move onto the next thing that peaks their interest. One A\V tool that has proven effective to keep people's attention is digital signage. More than a basic TV with words on it digital signage can be used in a multitude of ways to grab and keep prospective clients attention.

Here are a couple of reasons why your company should immediately look at investing in digital signage as a viable solution to meet your customers where they're at:


As technology continues to evolve the prices for things like TV's, direct view LED displays and other video imaging systems continue to drop. I am not an economic forecaster or a business trends analyst but my estimate is that in the next 5 years you will see direct view LED screens and systems at a price point that they'll be a common household item.

This is fantastic news for the small to medium size companies who previously thought digital signage was far out of reach due to the price point. That simply isn't true anymore with displays, control systems, and content management firms popping up everywhere there are plenty of reliable and affordable options to chose from that with a upfront investment will boost your bottom-line.


If you truly want to get more than 8 seconds of attention from your customers than you need to give them a reason to pay attention and remain engaged. In a recent study somewhere between 70-80% of the population are exposed to some type of digital signage each and every day. Take a second and think about the last time you we're exposed to digital signage - it has become a normalcy in our modern world, why aren't you embracing that technology?

As a matter of fact, as more and more people are exposed to digital signage they become accustomed to it to the point of wanting to having a preference of only shopping at places that have digital signage. A study shows that up to 42% of customers surveyed have indicated that they prefer to go shopping at stores with video displays rather than those with only print signage.


The world and the market is constantly changing (think back over the past year at how much things have changed) and with that change customers expect their experience to change along with it. They want a fresh new experience every time they visit. It doesn't matter if you're a restaurant or a local boutique, the power of immediate change without needing to print new materials every couple of weeks or as seasons and product offerings change.

Experiential Branding

Customers are shifting to be more experience driven in their shopping experience. They're not only wanting an experience but they are expecting it each and every time they visit their trusted brands and retail fronts. Digital signage can help shape and transform your brand into an experience that you can share with your customers. Giving them a personalized experience the instant they walk through your doors. This not only helps create customer loyalty it also minimizes the amount of time a customer has to look for a specific product which leads to faster sales time's and frees up your employees to handle other in store issues.

If these 4 reasons aren't enough of a reason for your company to seriously consider investing in digital signage, or if you are ready to take a step in the digitization process, we would love to start a conversation to figure out the perfect solution for you. We can handle every aspect of the project from displaying different options, providing demos of products, to installation and even management services.

Give our team a call at 402-313-1864 or send us an email to


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