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End To End Streaming Solutions

Happy New Year!

My hope is that 2021 is starting better than 2020 for each of you! I am thrilled today to follow up to a social media post announcing the soft launch of our live stream solution that provides end to end capabilities that will give your guests a seamless experience.

We might not have been the first to the market in 2020 of offering live stream services but in a true fashion of our company we keep our clients interest and their guest experience high on our priority list. A lot of our competition added things quickly and the processes we disjoined not giving a great user experience. In a recent survey we conducted almost 70% of people said that they were extremely dissatisfied with the delivery and quality of the event.

When we talk about event quality we believe the platform is 75% of the battle when it comes to customer satisfaction. It is the first thing guests see when they buy a ticket, log in to stream the event, and on and on.

So to kick off 2021 we have partnered with some amazing companies to provided what we believe is the best option for livestreaming on the market. The best part of this new addition is it can apply to every type and style of event. It does not matter if your event is fully virtual or hybrid. Our all-inclusive platform offers an extremely high quality end to end user experience guaranteed to provide smiles on your guests faces, your clients faces, and you as the event planners faces.

Our solution takes care of all things pre, intra, and post event. From pre event ticketing for both virtual and in person tickets, to customizable event web pages, to powerful chat and Q&A during the event, to gathering data at the end of the event to see how large of an impact your event made.

Hand's down we know this will absolutely change the game for our partners. If you are looking to host a virtual or hybrid event in 2021 we guaranteed this is the solution for you. Give us a call today to get started on making an impact.

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