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Guardian - The Only Service You Need

For Immediate Release:

Stratum is excited to announce the addition of Guardian to their arsenal of services and product offerings.

As the audio visual world continues to expand at a rapid pace, it is a prolific challenge for organizations to effectively maintain audio visual systems on their own. There are substantial costs to hiring specialty positions and managing and maintaining A\V systems. Stratum has recognized a large gap in the local market place. This gap is preventing organizations like music halls, venues, houses of worship, educational facilities, and hotels from operating at peak performance and adding unneeded strain to organizations staff.

CEO Daniel Anderson stated "every time an A\V system isn't working as advertised that has a direct impact on an organizations reputation and bottom line - a gap that must not exist in the modern landscape...Guardian is the remedy for those issues".

CEO Daniel Anderson said "Guardian is more than just another service it is a strategic partnership between ourselves and organizations of all types and sizes...this offering is designed to keep organizations A\V systems stable and operational 24/7".

From a basic system analysis to a full service maintenance plan--Guardian is the only plan your organization needs to keep moving forward in 2021.

For more information on Guardian please contact our team at 402-313-1864


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