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Last Minute Event? You need CPR.

Can you imagine being in an emergency situation and 911 didn't exsist?

Neither can we.

In that moment of sheer panic, terror, and helplessness all you need is someone to call that has the answers and ability to help.

While that is the most extreme of situations we understand that this is what it can feel like with a last minute event that pops up as a venue, promoter, or other entertainment professional.

Coordinating a million pieces at once is daunting enough, now do that in 48 hours or less.

That's why we have created Concert Pro Resources (CPR) - Your 911 for event emergenices.

This is a specialty team and set of equipment within Stratum that is designed for fast response to your live event needs from the festival ground to the ballroom. These calm, cool, professionals effectively handle last minute shows without breaking our into a sweat.

Want to know more?

Check it out here

Check it out herhehntals or production support reach out to our team of professionals here


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