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Manage A Venue? Need Less Stress? Read this!

It is mind-blowing, disheartening, and simply amazing the number of phone calls and meetings our team has been asked to join in over the last 2 weeks from conference centers, arenas, and other venues saying that their "preferred audio-visual" provider has backed out last minute or can't staff an event that has been on the calendar for weeks if not months.

While I understand the implications of the current situation. People are having a huge challenge finding qualified people to work for them. In being fully transparent in saying we aren't immune to that challenge either. - however, we don't follow the same standard we're creating our own standard.

We simply care too much about people and events to let them fall short because of an issue, after all, most of us are in this industry to solve problems not create more of them.

We at Stratum are committed to providing a solution. So, we're opening the doors to becoming your next in-house, onsite, audio-visual provider you've dreamt of.

Say goodbye to the stressful last-minute calls wondering where the crew is, and why the equipment you ordered isn't in the ballroom and ready for the client walkthrough.

When we say it's handled, we mean it.

No more second guessing.

No questions asked.

Outside of having a dedicated team that is here to take away stress and provide world-class service here are some other benefits to bringing the Stratum team on board as a preferred audio-visual partner

  1. On-Site Convenience

Our onsite team will be available 24/7 for staff training, sales meetings, and walkthroughs. Our goal is to have a detailed knowledge of your facility so our team can handle the heavy lifting making it a seamless process for you and the clients.

2. Stress-Free Partnership

Keeping your staff focused on their careers is key. We're here to add value, not distract your team and take them away from their roles and responsibilities. No chasing the AV team around here means more profitability for your facility.

3. Transparent Pricing

Upfront, honest, with no hidden surprise. We don't like surprises and know when it comes to pricing neither do you.

4. State-Of-Art Equipment

Our inventory has the latest and best equipment on the market to keep your venue up to date without the financial risk

5. Multi-Year Contracts

Take advantage of special discounts and rates by agreeing to a multi-year contract.

Stop settling and start setting yourself up for massive success and profitability by utilizing the Stratum team as your onsite, preferred audio-visual provider.

You can reach our team via phone at 402-313-1864 or via email at

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