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Planning A Convention In the Midwest? Use Our Planner's Tool!

We know the Midwest is a destination location for upcoming conventions and conferences. Located in middle of everything the midwest offers a robust selection of cities to host your upcoming special event, conference, or convention.

As an event planner we know that your time is precious. Every minute spent researching is a minute lost in finalizing the details for your client or company. In today's fast paced world that isn't acceptable - that's why we are saving you time and simplifying your search with our new Planner Tool.

This tool is a one stop page to find all the convention details and major hotel information you need. From the average cost of a hotel room to the number of convention centers, we know this tool will save you time and make you more efficient.

Need something that isn't on the page? Reach out, our team would be thrilled to help you find the details you need to ensure you have the most effective plan in place.

View our Planners Tool Here.

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