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Streamline Your Show Day With Show Flow - Your Path To A Seamless Event.

As an event planner you have invested hours, if not days of diligent planning. All the details have been fine pressed but how do you effectively communicate them?

You could send another 10 emails, host another round of meetings, or you could just build a simple document that holds its weight worth gold - a show flow.

A show flow is a document that takes all the important details of the show day and puts them in a simple, yet effective format. Ensuring that everyone on a show site knows exactly what is supposed to happen and when. Clear and concise communication is the key to a seamless event.

Leveraging Your Script To A Show Flow

Scripts can be lengthy documents, sometimes reaching upwards of 50 pages depending on the event. The script contains a tremendous amount of information from which slide should be on the screen, what the walk up music is, who is on stage, and so on. Taking all the key moments of the script and transferring that information into digestible information for your show flow can ensure a smooth show for everyone involved.

Flexibility For All Teams Involved

As an event planner you are the hub for all information. Communicating information such as breaks, ensuring hospitality tables are refreshed at a specific time and the list goes on. This is where the true flexibility of your show flow can come in. Creating show flows for different departments can ensure all details are covered without having to repeat yourself 100 times or having a conversation with that banquet staff member who is refilling the water station in the middle of the keynote.

Adapting To Changes With Ease

The only reason you create a plan is to change the plan. Understanding that no matter how well you plan things do change. Flights get delayed, presenters run over time, presentation notes change. It’s never a matter of when a change comes, it's when. In those critical moments having all the pertinent details and information at your fingertips allows you to make effective decisions that keep a program moving forward without any noticeable delays or issues for the audience.

Plus with a couple clicks you can update an entire site virtually on the show flow without having to say a word–keeping you focused on the things that matter most.

Designing Your Show Flow

When it comes to designing your show flow it can feel overwhelming to decide what information should be included. We recommend and typically always use the following points in our show flow.

  1. Time

  2. Duration

  3. Presenter

  4. Materials

  5. Production

  6. Notes

Remember, the goal of the show flow is to take the key pieces of the larger picture and put them in one place. Try to always ensure that your show flow fits on a single page. If you have a multi-day show make new tabs that separate the information by days.

In closing a show flow can truly take your event planning to the next level, Allowing simplification and scaling and allowing you and your planning to team no matter the size to feel empowered to take on larger events and clients. Taking full ownership and advantage of the show flow is truly your path to less stress and a seamless event experience.

Save time and use our free show flow template. Shoot our team an email for your free copy. We promise not to spam you afterwards ;)

Ready to take your event experience to a new level? Let's chat! Our team is here to support you each step of the way creating a #stressfreeAV experience for events both large and small.

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