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We've Scored A New HQ

We are FREAKING pumped to announce that we are moving into a new headquarters building!

Located in the heart of Lincoln near the intersection of 27th and O our new location puts us closer to the heart of a city we absolutely love.

The new HQ will offer a ton of new options to better service our clients.

Some of the features will be:

A state of the art livestream/broadcast studio to reach your audience safely. Options available for both virtual and hybrid events.

A high end podcast studio that will facilitate creativity and help you reach the world with your message.

A store front area that will stock all the must haves for your next event.

These are just some of the highlights of what we have in store for you in 2021. Construction had already started and we anticipate being fully operational out of the space by late March.

Be on the lookout for an invitation for our grand opening as we celebrate YOU — as this wouldn’t be anywhere near possible without your support.


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