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What's It Cost To Rent An LED Wall?

A question we get a lot is why we don't post our LED wall pricing directly on our website or through other platforms like social media. This isn't a ploy for us to hide anything from you it's simply because there are a ton of variables that can go into the rental price. Thing's like size of the LED display needed, location, event date, and so on. In the modern age of needing information immediately we want to help demystify LED wall pricing. While the numbers might not be an exact fit for your event we can get you in the ball park range of cost ultimately helping you be more prepared.

What's the starting price point?

A great place to start when searching for LED wall rentals is to know what the starting rental price is. Again, this is just a ballpark figure but anywhere in the US you can expect to pay at minimum $3000. The biggest reason for the rental price is that LED equipment, labor, and resources used to run the equipment simply aren't cheap. If this amount is outside of your events budget we'd consider looking at renting one of our TV's or projectors for your event but a quick side note - If you're planning on hosting an event outside in full day light even our biggest and brightest TV's and projectors can't compete with the giant ball of fire in the sky.

What are the LED wall options - Mobile vs Modular?

Choices, choices, choices. When I say options I am more specifically talking about mobile versus modular. The reason I want to bring this up is because there is a significant price difference between the two options which we will discuss in just a little bit. Mobile LED walls are those that are permanent mounted on a trailer as shown in the image below. This option is usually a fixed size and can't be adjusted based on the size of the crowd. If you need a bigger screen you would have to upgrade to a bigger trailer.

Modular LED walls as shown in the picture above are constructed on the site of your event. They typically come in stacks and stacks of road cases and can be assembled on site. It's like LEGOS for event technicians. ;) While these walls can take much longer to get set up and operational they do offer the benefit of being scaled to whatever size you need and can be adjusted to be set up in numerous shapes and layouts.

How are rental prices calculated?

Now that we're past the sticker shock of what the entry price is for renting an LED wall and we have learned the difference between a mobile wall and modular wall let's talk about how the cost is determined. A good rule of thumb is to figure $125 per panel for a mobile LED wall and $175 per panel for modular LED wall's. In most cases LED wall's are comprised of 2' x 2' panels that lock together to make up the bigger wall. For an example let's break down the cost of both a mobile and modular LED wall measuring 10 feet high and 16 feet wide. Again, there might be some variables in this cost like labor and travel costs but this will still give you a rough estimate on total cost.

Mobile LED wall 10ft x 16ft

16/2 = 8 Panels Wide

10/2 = 5 Panels High

8H x 5W = 40 total panels

40 x $125 = $5000 daily rental rate

Modular LED wall 10ft x 16ft

16/2 = 8 Panels Wide

10/2 = 5 Panels High

8H x 5W = 40 total panels

40 x $175 = $7000 daily rental rate

Since math equations can take some time and who has time to remember all those numbers we've made a quick chart for you to use so that you can quickly and accurate estimate the cost of an LED wall for your next event.

Keep in mind that prices can change drastically based on resolution of the panels you rent, the availability of the equipment, and the brightness rating. Additionally, this this is only a single day rental rate. If you are looking for consecutive additional days rental prices per panel will be reduced significantly.

At the end of the day we know LED video wall options carry a hefty price tag but their benefits significantly outweigh their costs. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a LED wall for a single outdoor movie, concert, multiday festival, or other event we're 100% certain that the payoff will be well worth the investment. Give us a call or drop us a note today if you're looking for LED wall rentals. Our team proudly services all of North America.


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