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Who We Are - The Core Basis

As we have progressed further and further as a company I as the owner have fully realized the need of establishing core values. For the longest time I though core values were just cheesy slogans that companies would slap on the wall after a quick meeting. That's the exact reason it has taken me so long to sit down and flesh these "moral" guidelines out for our company. I did not want to rush this process in any fashion

Insert 2020 - the year that has been viewed as destructive to the entertainment industry, which by no stretch of the imagination is far from the truth. We have felt the full impact of this global pandemic - some days it still seems surreal as to how fast it all disappeared. However, instead of focusing on what we were losing I decided early on to figure out what we as a company could refine and add to the industry during this down time. Now were almost to the end of 2020 and I finally feel good about where we have landed on our core values as a full and transparent reflection of what we are and what we will become at Stratum.

Mission Statement: To create atmospheres and environments that facilitate unique and genuine human interaction through the medium of audiovisual technology.

The Core Basis

"Live The Ten"

1. We are a people first organization in everything we do. We maintain a high level of respect and ultimate dignity for ALL people both inside and outside of our organizations.

2. We are team, passionate about every detail of our clients events and integrations. From the macro vision to the micro detail at every level we have a complete understanding and grasp of their "why".

3. We are a company that places innovation at the forefront of everything we do. We were born to innovate. The day that innovation ceases to embody our facilities is the day we are no longer relevant.

4. We strive to create the standard, never just meet it. Through every design, event, and install process our goal is to never just meet the base standard rather we exceed industry standards in all aspects.

5. Failure isn’t an option. Our clients rely on us to go move universes for them. We will do whatever it takes to ensure their vision is born into reality.

6. Technology compliments raw human talent, it doesn't replace it. The day we lose the human touch is the day we lose the event.

7. Creativity pulses through our veins 24/7. We are a company that pushes the boundaries of creativity to keep things fresh and exciting for all guests and patrons of our clients.

8. Excellence is our pursuit in everything we do.

9. Safety is our obligation.

10. We never take life too seriously, after all no one has ever made it out alive.

As always thank you much for taking time to read this blog. I know a topic like this isn't the most sext thing to talk about but it is necessary. Core values are the lens that you as an outside client or individual have to see what a company is made up of. If you have made it this far reading the blog do me a huge favor. Shoot your mailing address over to we've got a small gift we want to send your way.


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