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Who We Serve

Ever since day one we have tried and tried to explain what we do to, and well, for whatever reason, it hasn't stuck. We have been called a video production company, a wedding company, a lighting company, a I don't know what they do company and countless other names. None of them particularly wrong but I can't say that they exactly correct either.

I, for one, will take the blame on that front. Being inconsistent with our marketing and so on probably has muddied the waters for clients and potential clients alike. But today, like the gallant A\V professionals we are, the record will be set straight because I made a diagram! If you didn't already know this, adding a picture to your work automatically gets you brownie points!

Before we dive in I really want to emphasize the title for a moment. I would be missing it by a long shot if I didn't say that when we say we "serve" we mean it. It isn't a fun word we throw around at the office, it isn't some tactic we use to help generate new clients. We genuinely stand behind the fact that we love to serve our clients in all areas. It brings our team true joy to help create something and serve people from all over this country and the world.

Our Service Markets

As a company we are divided into 4 main services areas. Even through we cover a wide area our main focus is to create great A\V experiences. From the classroom to the concert hall. From your teams huddle room to your home theater we believe that great A\V enhances and improves the way we live our lives.
Live Event Production

The live event production side of the house covers any live event that we provide services at. Those clients can range from a groom and bride for a wedding, a band for a touring audio, video, and lighting package, a livestream event, fundraiser, conference, and so on. This is how we got started in the business and something that we are incredibly passionate about. To this day there is still nothing quite like hanging a large PA and light rig over a stage and spending the night watching people immerse themselves in a live event experience.

Commercial Integration

While we certainly aren't a huge integrator (yet) we do specialize in A\V integration. From the initial design process through the final commissioning we have helped churches, businesses, and schools create effective and efficient A/V systems to help them communicate their messages and keep their teams and students engaged.

A\V Sales and Service

Purchasing equipment and maintaining it can be a confusing path. That is the biggest reason we offer sales and service of equipment. We want to simplify the lives of our clients. Offering better than internet pricing we can always provide competitive price for the gear you need. On top of the initial purchase our team can also assist in routine maintenance, be the worker between you and the manufacturer for warranty issues, and any other potential issues that may arise.

Residential Integration

Last, and certainly not least, we have the residential integration side of things. This is where we have the amazing opportunity to help you implement a great A\V system into your home. Everything from the simple TV getting mounted on the wall, single zone audio system, state of the art shades from our friends at Screen Innovations or a full blown smart home with a full theater smart control of the entire house. We are confident that we have a solution for your home. Simple to use and high impact systems is what we aim for in every system we design and implement in the field.

As I close this out I hope I have given you more insight into what we do as a company. From big to small I am extremely confident that we have an A\V solution for you. As always, if you have made this far in the blog I would love to say thank you by sending you swag bag. Email your information to and we will get some Stratum gear in the mail for you.


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