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Let's get you an audio visual proposal!

Whether you're ready to work with us or just curious about what we do.

Do you need design, production, creative services, or something else for your event?

You're in the right place! 

By filling out the form with your event details you can schedule a quick and painless call with our team. 

We want to know more about you and your event

After you've filled out the form someone from our team will reach out to schedule a 10-20 minute video meeting where we want to get to know everything about you and your event. 

The best part is, this is a zero pressure meeting. We genuinely want to get to know more about you and your event. We thrive off of building amazing relationships with our clients. If you chose Stratum as an event partner you're welcomed into our family. 

Request A Quote
What is your role in the event process
What is your role in the event process

Thank you!

Why you should schedule your meeting today?

You're a good fit for Stratum if....

  • Unleash the talent of our team to present creative ideas and meet your event goals.

  • Start building a relationship with our team early.

  • Avoid costly mistakes due to miscommunication.

  • Save time by preventing 100's of back and forth emails trying to land on the right solution for you.

  • Save $ by having the opportunity to book early and save on costs that will increase as your event date approaches. 


  • You've seen our work and love what we create

  • You're looking for a true event partner

  • You're planning a meeting, conference, fundraiser, convention, or marketing event. 

  • You have a budget of $10,000+ 


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