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Lighting is awesome but Audio is King

I have always been in love with lighting. In fact, that was my "gateway drug" into live production. There is just something that mesmerizes me about all the different hues of color and all the flashing and movement that comes with live event lighting. Lighting is still where my heart is day in and day out. But I also know that lighting is nothing without a band or a speaker. The band or speaker is nothing without a stellar audio engineer and great audio equipment.

Audio is the foundation of every live event. It is how we, as humans, communicate. It would be pretty awkward to walk into a conference, take your seat, and have a person walking around on a stage and not being able to hear them. They can have the best light show going on around them and it would be utterly pointless without them being able to effectively communicate their message to you.

That is a long introduction to get to one point, at Stratum Productions we take live audio seriously. We take the time to ensure that the audio experience is built around what the audience wants hear. Still to this day there is nothing more irritating to me, as a patron of an event, than not being able to hear the vocals in a song or having the screeching sound of feedback ring through the depths of my ears.

Providing top of the line audio quality to our clients is our top priority. We want to ensure that you can communicate your message in a way that grabs people and makes them want more. We do this by offering top of line equipment that includes a fully scaleable Meyer Sound PA system, digital mixers, professional wireless microphones and in-ears, real time analyzers, waves audio plugins, and more. All of that is fancy tech jargon that says we know what were doing and you are in good hands when you bring your dreams to us.

I'll leave you with some words of wisdom from one of the greatest.

-The goal for me is not perfection, that is the job of the studio engineers. The goal for me is to play my part in creating the the most memorable experience possible with the tools at my disposal-

Dave Rat

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