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Installation Station

If you follow us on social media you might have seen some posts of our most recent installation project for Mercy City Church here in Lincoln, NE. As promised I wanted to share some of the details of this installation with all of you.

The first thing I want to say is how thankful we are, as a company, for the awesome volunteers that helped us out with this project. The goal was to keep the labor costs low and with the numerous hours that the volunteers put in we were able to do just that.

The whole goal of the entire project was to mimic this second campus as closely as possible with their main campus which is still portable. The only big change was that the second campus was going to be a remote location that relied on a recorded message each week instead of having a live speaker. Aside from that one change the rest of the equipment was to be as similar as possible so they did not have to waste time in retraining current volunteers on an entirely new system.

The equipment we selected were from name brands such as: QSC, Behringer, ADJ, Panasonic, Da Lite, Shure, Sennheiser to name a few.

A pair of QSC 152 tops and QSC KW181 subs driven by a Behringer X32 and S32 which took care of the audio for the main auditorium. In addition to these key pieces we installed a plethora of wired and wireless Shure handheld and headset microphones, wireless Sennheiser IEMS, and wired Sennheiser mics. I won't bore you with listing all the exact models.

For the lighting we kept it basic with 8 ADJ Mega Hex Pars for stage lighting and 8 Elation Par56's for front lighting and a single Antari Z-350 fazer for atmospheric effect all driven from the really great and inexpensive Enttec D-PRO 2U. The lighting package may seem small but it really packs a punch and is able to transform the entire room in a moments notice.

Video consisted of two 65" side TV's that are used to display graphics, announcements, and lyrics during worship These are mounted on two 10 foot pieces of F34 global truss. For the main message video and some atmospheric projection we installed a Panasonic 5000 lumen WUXGA laser projector and a Da Lite 189"D motorized projection screen.This screen measures right around 10 feet tall by 16 feet wide and it really allows the guests of Mercy City to have a personal encounter with the speaker even though it is recorded. All of this is driven by two Apple computers running ProPresentor 6. Everything that was installed has SDI cabling run to it. This was really a no brainer as far as video quality goes but we also wanted to ensure that if this location ever wanted to add a video system they could easily and efficiently integrate it into the preexisting video system.

Now the part that really matters... what did it all cost? By using our network of companies within the A/V industry we were able to save this client over $14,000 which led to the overall price of equipment and install to under $30,000.

We couldn't be more pleased with how this install turned out and it was one heck of a way to start out our 2018 right!!

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