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Gobos - what are they and why should I use them?

Gobos, also known as monograms, might be one of my favorite things in the world right next to anything else live production or fast cars. Whether it is a custom gobo thrown in a light fixture that is shining down on your favorite teams tunnel walk (GBR!) or an elegantly designed gobo that is shown above the head table at a wedding you attend they are an absolute must have for your event. They genuinely add such a huge wow factor to almost any type of event and in this blog I want to explain a little bit more about what they are, different types of Gobos, and why you should use them at your next event!

Gobo's in the simplest explanation are just stencils. We take a design overlay it on a piece of metal, glass, or other heat resistant material, etch it out, and bingo you've got yourself a gobo. Once the stencil is cut we place that in front of a light source and then you get the outline of whatever the stencil was cut as (shown in the image below) on the wall, floor, or wherever else you choose to shoot it.


Types of Gobo's - Digital vs Traditional

Gobo's come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. In fact now they are even categorized in digital vs traditional styles. In most cases the majority of the gobos still rotating around are of the conventional style. Either etched out of metal or glass and then placed in front of a light source to be displayed. While this is a great method to use it can be somewhat cumbersome and outdated--enter the digital gobo.

As technology and design has progressed more and more people have moved over to digital gobos for most of their work especially within the corporate and wedding industry. Digital gobos aren't like traditional gobos. They aren't etched in fact they are computer designed and offer an entirely new set of options. Instead of using a traditional light, digital gobos are projected onto a surface using a projector. Digital gobos can be made into just about anything you can imagine.

How should I use a gobo or gobos at my next event?

We recommend gobos to all of our clients not because we are trying to make an extra buck but because we believe that a well placed gobo can make or break your event. They help set the atmosphere and take your event to the next level. Here are just a couple ways we recommend using gobos.

1. Consider dedicating a wall for sponsor gobos. This is a great way to ensure that you give your sponsors the attention they deserve.

2. Corporate branding - make sure the entire room knows whose event it is.

3. Bride and Groom initials. This is an elegant way to add some personalized flair to any space. Chose a wall and we will make sure your name is in the limelight.

4. Immersive events. There is nothing more amazing than walking into an event and the room being totally transformed into an underwater oasis, a space theme, or having fireworks going off all around you. These things are all possible with atmospheric gobos and its a sure way to grab and keep your guests attention.

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