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Wedding Rentals For Your Every Need

Ahhh, wedding season is finally upon us!

As most people think that we are primarily a sound and lighting company for larger events and festivities I want to just give a quick update of our service offerings for your every wedding need.

1. String Lighting

String lighting is a classic and simple way to accent any venue. String lights are probably one of my favorite elements that we install during weddings...because they're simply amazing.

2. Edison Lighting

Edison pendants are a great way to add your special touch to a specific portion of a venue. Whether that is highlighting the head table with some of our gorgeous over sized bulbs or more functionality of having an outdoor path way marked with their warm glow.

3. Chandeliers

Big ones, small ones, and the list goes on. Just know if you want it we probably have it. We're also cooking up some custom Chandeliers that we think you will absolutely love.

4. Uplighting

Paint your venue with the perfect hue of color with our uplighting options. No power no problem we have a variety of uplighting options including battery powered so we can make any location look magical!

5. Monograms, Motion Graphics, and Projection Mapping

Tons of options for you to chose from. Everything from a simple monogram with your initials all the way up to a motion graphic that changes as the night moves on.

6. Fire and Ice

A match made in heaven. We're thrilled to offer indoor safe cold sparklers and our low lying fog machines for dancing on clouds. Imagine yourself floating on clouds as you have your first dance together and then exiting into the evening with showers of sparklers.

7. Custom Pieces

If you can dream it we can probably build it. We've got a great reputation of delivering custom pieces for our clients. When others say no we say yes because we want your special day to be like none other.

There you have it, well at least some of it. When I say we do it all I really mean it. We're committed to being a power house for weddings and live events in the Midwest. Take the stress out of your wedding and give us a call we'd love to help you out.

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