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6 AV Essentials For Every Event Planner in 2024

Every corporate meeting or event from large multi-day conferences spanning across entire properties to small stakeholder meetings require planning that should start with your production partner. It doesn’t matter the size or scope of the event there are 6 AV essentials you should keep in mind as you plan your next experience. 

Scope and Size 

You can think of this as the engine for your proverbial event vehicle. Of course we all know without an engine in our actual car we wouldn't be able to go very far for very long. The same is true when planning scope and size. 

Every single detail drives off of how many attendees you're expecting, how large of a venue we should acquire, and so on. Creating a great event experience all begins with the spaces and places that you will be inviting them into. 

Address Budget 

While this can be uncomfortable, and even sometimes feel like showing all your cards, believe us when we say it is incredibly important to talk through budgets early in the planning process. Budget goes beyond just the bottomline number. Make sure you have a conversation with your production partner about what your goals are for the event. 

If you have a casual meeting then a simple production package might be the solution. However, by having executives attend, adding an important keynote, or a wide variety of other variables, this could demand a new level of production. 

Having the conversation early with your production partner can help you land on the right solution with the right technical staff and can avoid costly on site change orders and overall help you save time and money.

Negotiating Venue Contracts 

Before finalizing the contract with your potential venue we always advise clients to ensure they have an addendum that safeguards your option to use a production partner of your choice without penalty or fees.

Working with the production partner of your choice gives you more creative freedom.

Not only do you get the creative freedom you deserve but working with an outside AV partner who doesn’t pay the property commission you can deliver a far better solution for your money. 

Make sure you have a conversation with your production partner before you sign the contract to ensure you can have creative freedom without additional fees or restrictions. 

Optimize Sound Reinforcement 

A foundational piece of every event is crystal clear audio. A single audio issue is the quickest way to have your attendees disengage. Instead of making a negative impression, taking time to create a foolproof audio plan is crucial for event success. 

There is a significant amount of work that goes into getting quality audio, from mic placement, to choosing the right microphone. Choosing the right speaker for the space, to ensure the speaker placement isn’t obtrusive for the audience to see the presenter. 

Enhancing Lighting

We’ve all seen a hundred or maybe thousands of ballrooms. They’re boring and relatively unengaging. Lighting is a simple and typical cost effective way to enhance the space. Lighting can set the mood and engage with the audience to bring the atmosphere you desire into a room. 

From static to dynamic lighting, having a conversation with your production partner on creative ways to incorporate lighting into your next event can be a gateway into a new realm of event experiences. 

Embracing Event Technology

In an industry that is always evolving there is a never ending line of new technology that can be used to enhance your event and help it stand out from the rest. 

The last thing attendees want is to see the same meeting, or event, time and time again. Introducing and leveraging tools like LED video walls, digital signage, interactive audience systems, and projection mapping are all ways to utilize technology. 

Keeping technology at the forefront of your mind is nearly impossible, that is where your production partner comes in. Asking what the latest and greatest technology is and how to incorporate it into your meeting or event in a tasteful way is one of the many added benefits that come from partnering with a production company. 

Ready to take your 2024 meetings and events to another level? Let our team partner with you to create the technology and production package that will captivate your audience while communicating your message.


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