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Dry Hire Gear For All Your Event Needs

Live events are back baby!

After a stressful year of minimal work we are excited to see the door for live events continue to gradually push open. I get overly excited at every tour announcement I see come across my social media page or email.

We are committed to meeting your events needs. From event staffing, logistics, creative direction, dry hire, and everything in between.

We're fully ready to meet the needs of the industry with creative and passionate people willing to go the extra mile and with an "whatever it takes" attitude.

We are continuing to grow our rental inventory in all departments from lighting, video, and audio. Investing in equipment so that you don't have too.

If you're organization is looking for a full production package or a gear dry hire give our team a call today. 402-313-1864 and we will get you set up with the latest and greatest equipment to ensure your event or tours success.


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