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Our Biggest Giveaway Ever!

A couple of weeks ago we published a blog asking what A\V can do for you?

We really feel the need to show people that although 2020 might not be what we thought it was going to be we still have incredible tools in form of audio visual technology that is keeping us together.

After we posted that blog I really got to thinking about how cool it would be for us to learn about how A\V is helping you! That's why we have launched the #separateyettogether campaign on Instagram. Because although we are separate we can still be together virtually. Whether that is in school, business, church, family, or anything else we know for a fact that audio visual tools and technology are continue to keep us moving forward.

As part of this ask for you to share your story with us on Instagram (go check out the post for all the deets) We are giving away an iPad Air! I mean how cool is that. It isn't every day that you get rewarded with a brand spanking new iPad for sharing on Instagram. So with that what are you waiting for!? The giveaway is only open until the end of December and a winner will be drawn on January 1st!

Best of luck and remember it isn't necessarily our position in a situation that determines the outcome its our perspective of the situation.

Have a great day and well what the heck! If you've read this far shoot us an email at and we will get some sweet swag sent over as a thank you!

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