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Save Yourself A Headache Let Us Coordinate Your RF

RF is an unseen lifeline to your church, event, and organization. It is the pathway of how wireless microphones and IEM's communicate.

As frequency bands continue to be sold off and the RF ranges continue to shrink due to FCC auctions we are inevitable faced with more and more challenges ahead. Challenges that can be frustrating especially if you have the right gear in place.

If you have been having an issue like a wireless system dropping out, popping, or even worse simply not working more than likely you are having an RF issue. Everything emits RF and without the proper channel coordination it can wreak havoc on your team.

Having us come in to coordinate allows your systems to find the best possible channel, have a list of back up channels and a detailed list that we can leave for your team.

Give us a call today to schedule your coordination.

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