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The Path To Unlocking Your Dream Event - Your Technical Production Partner

Okay, you have an event on the horizon. Your new reality consists of long, yet satisfying, lists of finding that perfect keynote presenter, locking in dates, finalizing venue arrangements, and more. While we understand that all of those elements are key to producing a successful event for your client. What if I told you that you’re missing a perfect opportunity?

If your first move isn’t calling your trusted production partner, you are missing an opportunity to take your clients' event to the next tier.

I know, I know this is probably completely backwards to how you are currently approaching AV. Sound and lights aren’t that important, are they? In our experience, event planners, clients and attendees rarely remember what the centerpiece on the table was, the floral arrangements, or even the catering. They remember whether the audio visual experience was good or bad. Bringing in a production company earlier in the process can almost guarantee that you will be saving your client time, money, and certainly stress. More importantly, a relationship built early typically leads to a partnership rather than a transaction. From the beginning to the end, we have a roadmap of what the ideal process should look like.

Tell us what is known

The moment a conference, meeting, or convention is scheduled, you should take time to set up a meeting with your production company. Pass along the details that you know, such as potential dates, potential locations, goal of the event, and if you know the budget parameters. While it might seem like showing all your cards to share budget information - know that it is wildly helpful and most production companies are more than happy to operate within the parameters you set.

Tell us what you want

This is what we call a blue sky meeting. Nothing but ideal circumstances and a big vision. Do you want guests to feel energy when they first step on the property? Do you want investors to depart feeling nothing but confidence? Maybe it’s less important about size and energy and more about making everyone feel seen and engaged? No matter how detailed or vague - the outcomes you want are your production partners' specialty. Starting with renderings all the way to seeing the real design in an arena, ballroom, or meeting space. Your production partner can bring creative vision to your ideas and give you the brand consistency your client desires. From simple phrases or vague vision, the power of a partner can shine by knowing exactly what you want.

Tell us what you don’t know

Maybe the details aren’t flowing and you need some guidance. Your production partner can assist you with finding the right space, ensuring that timelines match expectations and give you as many details as possible. This is where your production partner can help you become efficient and impactful. There is zero shame in not knowing all the details or needing some additional help fine-tuning specific details. Chances are high that we have experience of the very thing you might not know and our team can help you develop the best plan possible.

Now that the hard work is done, now all that is left are show rehearsals and hosting another epic and successful event. No two events are the same and we know that even if you might plan the same event each year, striving for fresh and innovative ideas that don’t sacrifice excellence is what a professional production company can do to add value. Bringing them in on day one is a simple way to ensure maximum success without massive stress.

Looking for a technical production partner that is more than a transaction? Let’s chat!


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