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The Savior of Your Next Tour or Event - Stratum Dry Hire

Industry folks just read the title and said "hell yeah" while the rest of you just said - WTF Daniel!?

Dry hire isn't a common term during your latest coffee shop discussion or lunch meeting it is a key part of the live event industry, and I might add maybe the most important piece of it.

Dry hiring is a term used in the event industry that describes when a vendor like Stratum provides just equipment to a client.

No design, no labor (outside of what it takes to make sure the gear is in optimal performance), just the audio, lighting, staging, and rigging gear that they need.

Like my bold statement earlier about how it might be the most important piece of this industry. One which I fully believe and align with. I am not downplaying the designer, operators, or crew's role in any way but if we take a hard look at those positions, they would be nothing without quality equipment.

Quality gear is what I'd like to highlight here. Stratum is the proud owner of a ton of industry-known, industry-leading, and quality equipment that can be ready to roll onto a truck leaving for a tour or a venue at a moment's notice for your dry hire needs.

It's no mistake that our industry is going to have a ton of growing pains post-pandemic. With several companies going under to your typical vendor being so busy they can't accommodate your equipment need's I'd seriously encourage and urge you to take a look at how we can partner with you to make your next show one for the books.

Quality gear is available for your dry needs.

Along with quality people at your service day and night and nationwide abilities are just a couple of things that come to my mind when I think about what Stratum is capable of accomplishing.

Amazing people + amazing gear = happy techs, clients, and patrons.

Until next time - stay safe out there and keep on keeping the music alive.



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