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Turnkey Production 2022 Festival Packages

Well, hey, there April! It's great to see you!

It’s also crazy to think that we’re already a quarter of the way through 2022. Where the heck is the year going!?

The short winter days have slowly turned into warmer days filled with welcome rays of sunshine and that’s got us thinking about hot days, loud music, and all-night-long light shows.

Whether we like or love it summer festivals are right around the corner. Our team is locked and loaded. Everything from audio systems, LED video walls, rigging hardware, and lighting.

We’re certain that we can bring the technology and creativity to make your 2022 festival one for the record books.

No matter if it’s your 1st year or 10th you can trust that the Stratum team has what you need.

Give our team a call today and start getting your gear locked down for what we’re sure will be summer-filled music and community as live events come back to life.


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