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What Event Planners Should Look For In A Production Company.

As an event planner we know that you rack your brain trying to find new and creative ways to build a better event. To make sales teams more informed. To make award winners the center of attention. Touching the audience in a new and creative way.

After all the investment in technical and creative audio visual services is significant, the ROI on that investment should be too.

A big part of finding the right technical partner is asking the right questions. Here are some key questions/topics to lean on as you are maximizing your event investment.

  1. Social Responsibility - How are they at bringing new and sustainable green options to the event?

  2. Research - Do they research you as a company and their clients or are they just bringing a cookie cutter solution?

  3. Responsiveness - Are they responsive to changes, questions, and other correspondence?

  4. Standards - Is the work they do always just "good enough" or do they always bring their A game?

  5. Budget - Will they be respectful enough to let you know what your blue sky ideas are moving outside of your budget and recommend other solutions to bring a great experience?

  6. Team - Are they willing to integrate in and work with your team?

  7. Audience - Are they just selling the latest and greatest product or service and not taking time to think and advise on what would be the most impactful for your audience?

  8. Technology - Are they investing in high end equipment from top providers to ensure you have a seamless experience?

  9. Partnership - What are their previous clients saying about them?

In the big picture what the production company does on stage is important but the journey they take to get there is just as critical. Next time you are searching for a production partner take time to bring up these topics and find out just how interested they are in your team.

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