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How We're Different

We just finished up an amazing wedding show yesterday at the DC Centre in Omaha. We had a great time talking with all the future brides, their family, and friends. A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and talked with us! About halfway through the show I realized that one of the most popular questions I was getting was "what exactly do you do". To be honest we do a lot and it can be hard to portray everything that we do through social media or through a trade show. We have services that most other companies around the area don't have! That's what makes us a unique company especially for the middle of Nebraska. 1. Photo Booth and #printer While there are a ton of other Photo B

Five Portable Church Tips

Each week myself and other members from our team join forces with 1000's of other volunteers around the country, and even the world, to set up their mobile churches. Mobile churches, much like the touring A/V companies, have a huge task ahead of them each week. Taking a blank slate like a gymnasium, or an old dusty school auditorium, and transforming it into an unique space that allows people to encounter God. No matter what religion you are or what space you have to set up in the same basic concepts can be applied and greatly help your week-to-week flow. 1. Have a "home" for everything. As I started helping a local church with their production on a weekly basis I quickly realized that nothi

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