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Wedding Rentals For Your Every Need

Ahhh, wedding season is finally upon us! As most people think that we are primarily a sound and lighting company for larger events and festivities I want to just give a quick update of our service offerings for your every wedding need. 1. String Lighting String lighting is a classic and simple way to accent any venue. String lights are probably one of my favorite elements that we install during weddings...because they're simply amazing. 2. Edison Lighting Edison pendants are a great way to add your special touch to a specific portion of a venue. Whether that is highlighting the head table with some of our gorgeous over sized bulbs or more functionality of having an outdoor path way marked wi

Tailgate Like A King

Hear ye, hear ye! The Big 10 has finally published the approved 2020 football schedule. That can only mean one thing - it's time to get your social distanced tailgate experience ready to rock and roll. We are here to provide high quality experiences for you and your guests no matter what the social distance rules are. In fact our goal is to make you and your tailgate patrons feel like royalty. Feast you eyes on the game with a massive LED wall. Feel the sound through a professional sound system. Set the atmosphere with lighting. Celebrate the game winning touchdown with cold sparklers. There is nothing too large or too small for our team. Let's make the 2020 season the best yet with a profes

Podcasting Like A Pro

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing channels of media in the world. People are creating and consuming media at an astonishing rate! If you currently host a podcast you understand that there is a great deal of time invested in content creation, finding guests, recording, post production, and uploading your episode each day, week, or month. Then on top of the extreme time commitment there can be a huge upfront cost to get quality equipment. After all you don't want to publish something that sounds terrible, right? When I search for a podcast and the audio quality isn't good I just quit listening. It may be the most groundbreaking idea or philosophy but if the audio isn't great or even goo

What's your E-ROI

ROI isn't something you might hear out of event planner or production companies mouth. More than likely you will hear it from your investment portfolio manager, or during your favorite episode of Shark Tank. So why am I, the owner of a production, company talking about ROI? No, I don't want to manage your retirement accounts, and although I deeply care about each and every one of our clients businesses I am sure to be lost when you start talking ROI and P&L sheets. E-ROI is a standard in which we approach each and every event we help out with. From the simple gear rental, all the way up to a full blown massive production with multiple stages, set designs, and equipment. This isn't some fancy

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